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L’Agence, a real estate agency in Antwerp, commissioned us to create a logo and corporate identity design. The new office is located in Mortsel and was founded by Marie-Aline Vaes.

Based on the target audience, objectives and inspired by the architecture of the building where L’Agence will be located, we set out to find a style that best suited it.

The bronze color palette and stylized font create a distinct and timeless design. For the logo, inspiration was sought in the framework of the building into which we incorporated the letters.

The logo can be used with or without logotype and slogan, for us the corporate identity may behave according to the carrier (responsive) and the objectives of communication.

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At the graphic design has taken into account the plans of architectural firm Verhamme + De Vel Architects, see 3D render below. The logo adapts to its surroundings, in the example it can be displayed vertically (portrait format) for clear visibility.

The image mark, or icon of the logo is inspired by glassware, the letters are incorporated into it in an abstract way. The color areas can be used as graphic elements and can be highlighted by using different materials. The new branding can be applied consistently using the guidelines.

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