Employer branding, Activation, Marketing

Leverage the right platforms. Digital and analog.
Video and graphic design. Advertising, Storytelling.
The whole shebang!

We are passionate about strengthening brands, products, and innovations. We create authentic strategies aimed at making a positive impact. If you strive to make a lasting impression, we are the partner that turns this ambition into reality. Choose Designaid, and win the trust of your target audience.


How does the process work?

The process of employer branding, activation, or a marketing campaign starts with a thorough analysis of the company culture and market trends. Subsequently, a strategy is developed to define and support the unique position of the company as an employer.

After this initial phase, we delve deeper into the core values and objectives of your company, which we then translate into a creative and compelling story.

An overview of campaign applications

+ marketing strategy
+ employer branding
+ activation campaign

+ advertising campaign
+ digital marketing
+ social media marketing

+ slogans and copywriting
+ translations
+ storytelling

+ digital and print ads
+ animations and video
+ illustrations and 3D

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