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Advertising campaign NGO

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For the non-profit organization 11.11.11, we enthusiastically worked on the year-end campaign, including posters, chocolate packaging, stationery, a calendar and gadgets. All of these elements are designed in their recently revamped visual style, with the goal of raising awareness and funds for specific themes or projects.

An important aspect of our work is the creation of packaging.
The innovative packaging designs that emphasize sustainability and environmental awareness. With carefully chosen materials and visual elements, each design reflects the essence of environmental friendliness, making our packaging not only functional, but also raising awareness around important environmental and sustainability issues.

As part of this campaign, we also handled the layout of the annual calendar. Under the motto “Strength in Numbers,” we chose powerful formatting that highlighted the collaborative efforts and impact of collective action.

Thanks to this careful image selection by the 11.11.11 team, the calendar has been elevated to more than a simple timing tool; it serves as a powerful statement of our commitment to activism and reinforces the idea that together we can achieve more.

For advertising campaign, a series of complementary gadgets were also designed to further reinforce message. That includes buffs, placemats, folding tents, bookmark, each with a unique design that reflects the corporate identity and the power of unity.

In addition, we created specific content and animations for social media posts designed to engage our followers and spread the core message of our Strength in Numbers campaign in a dynamic and interactive way.

Each of these items contributes to the overall experience and impact of our campaign, reinforcing our message across platforms and formats.