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We completed a comprehensive branding and web design project for KIBU. Specializing in the supply, installation, finishing and restoration of various wood applications, it was essential to create an appropriate visual identity. We developed a new corporate identity, inspired by an abstraction of a wood pattern, with dark blue, light blue and pink as accent colors.

The new corporate identity not only reflects KIBU’s core business, but also exudes professionalism and modernity. The web design was seamlessly integrated with the branding, with consistent colors and visual elements. This gives KIBU’s online presence a contemporary look that perfectly embodies the quality of their craftsmanship.

In addition to the branding and web design project, we also designed the brochure and packaging for KIBU. The brochure provides an overview of their services and projects, while the packaging is designed to present KIBU’s high-quality wood products in a stylish and recognizable way. The abstract wood pattern and distinctive colors create a consistent visual identity that comes to life both on paper and in practice.

ontwerp brochure