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Festival rebranding

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Designaid, as a graphic agency, is now known for its creative solutions and dynamic designs. Kolektiv agency therefore chose us to completely rebrand the Reggae Geel festival.

Reggae Geel is an international reggae festival held annually in Geel, Belgium. The festival attracts thousands of music lovers from all over Europe and offers a diverse lineup of reggae artists.

We worked closely with Rob Swolfs of Kolektiv agency to develop a visually appealing and dynamic corporate identity that reflected Reggae Geel’s core values. We therefore chose a combination of bright and bold colors that create a unique atmosphere and reflect the energy of the festival.

The illustrations, in collaboration with Matteo Anselmoz of Genoa, Italy, were designed with a sense of the style of the scene.

To do this, we started working with visuals of instruments such as portraits, speakers, guitars and drums and mixed them with Jamaican colors and iconic symbols such as Judah’s lion. We chose a font with a contemporary look and feel that is suitable for both print and digital applications.

The new branding was then rolled out on the festival’s new website, app, merchandising and social media accounts.

Besides the dynamic colors and visuals, we used short and powerful copy that the target audience can identify with.

Reggae Geel’s Spotify page with a series of playlists was also addressed. The visuals are based on the illustrations that were used in the corporate identity and provide the community aspect of the festival.

One of the main objectives of the new campaign was to appeal both to the loyal fans who have been coming to the festival for decades and to a younger and wider audience.

Our challenge was to create a brand that would both provide familiarity to returning visitors and appeal to a new generation of music lovers.